Carrollton Township, MI

Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste Pickup 

The following are some basic guidelines provided by Mid Michigan Waste Authority (MMWA) for detailed set-out instructions on trash, yard waste and recycling or click here to visit MMWA's website.



  • Unlimited number of garbage bags and/or cans containing regular household rubbish allowed
  • Refuse must be in a bag or can (not in cardboard boxes), which may not exceed 35 gallons or 50 lbs., and must be securely fastened
  • Refuse collected on THURSDAY for the entire Township

  • When a major holiday falls on a weekday, collection days will be delayed by one day.  For example, if Christmas Day is on a Wednesday, collection services for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be delayed one day. Holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday do NOT delay collection services. 

    The observed holidays for Mid-Michigan Waste Authority are:

    • New Years Day
    • Labor Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Independence Day
    • Christmas Day

Bulky Items

  • Up to two (2) large items, such as mattresses, furniture and appliances, allowed each week
    • Set out on regular collection day (Thursday)
    • Carpet must be rolled, cut in 4' lengths and weigh 50 lbs. or less
    • Items will be flagged by garbage hauler for later collection - LEAVE AT CURB! 


    Residents can mix all allowed recyclable materials together in the same recycling container.

    As well, there is no longer a requirement to use official recycling bins. To easily hold the additional recyclables allowed in the program and get them to the curb, residents may use any plastic or metal 45 gallon or smaller container and label such with a Recyclables Only sticker or paint/mark a large letter “ R ” on the front. Recyclables Only stickers can be obtained at the Carrollton Township Office.

    Recycling is a 1-Step Process! No Sorting Required!

    Mix all allowed paper, glass, metal and plastics #1, #2 and #4 - #7 recyclables together in your recycling container. No sorting needed! Remember to empty and rinse all containers before recycling. Removing labels is not necessary. Throw plastic lids in the trash. Recycle metal lids. Flatten containers when possible.

    Empty, flatten and cut down cardboard boxes into pieces no larger than 3′ x 3′ and place in or under recycling container.

    Yard Waste

    1. Includes grass clippings, sod without dirt, twigs (less than 2" diameter), leaves, etc.  No root balls or stumps
    2. Place in 35 gal. or less trash can or paper yard waste bag weighing less than 50 lbs.
    3. Cans need a "Yard Waste" sticker (available free of charge at Township Offices)
    4. Weekly collection on refuse day, April - November; Christmas trees in January

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