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Supervisor's Office

Phillip E. Abney
Phone: (989) 754-4611
Cell: 989-274-4912 
Fax: (989) 754-5705

Mission Statement

The mission of the Supervisor's Office is:

  • To be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township and Chair of the Township Board;
  • To be responsible for all the operating agencies of the municipality (except the offices of the elected Clerk and Treasurer) and other duties that may be delegated by the Township Board;
  • To oversee the following Departments: Assessing, Building/Inspection, Recreation, and Public Works;
  • To appoint members to the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Review and the Construction Board of Appeals;
  • To oversee the purchasing, budgets, personnel, and all other items not assigned by statute to other officials;
  • To interact with State, County, other municipalities, and local agencies; 
  • To ensure efficient and effective day-to-day operations; 
  • To represent the Township and its citizens to all outside entities; and
  • To execute long-range planning for the future well-being of the Township.
It is the practice and the continued goal of the Supervisor's Office to provide our citizens with the best possible government; to maintain a knowledgeable, helpful and courteous staff; to be receptive to the needs and concerns of the public; and to provide the public with prompt and efficient service.

Phillip Abney, Supervisor
Carrollton Township

As your elected Supervisor, I hope that you will find my office web pages useful and informative. Please contact me with your suggestions, comments and questions. They are welcome-and-encouraged. Thank you!